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If you previously received a subprime or negative amortized loan or if you have had any problems recently that has caused you to not be able to make your monthly mortgage payments, a loan modification may be just what you need.  Most lenders are working with their clients to renegotiate their current mortgage terms. 

We offer a professional Loan Modification Service conducted along with an experienced Law Firm. If we accept your case, there is a 90% success rate with average monthly volume of 800 Loan Modifications completed each month and growing.  All communication with your lender is handled directly by the Law Firm for a serious response that leads to modified loan you CAN afford. You can save thousands in future interest payments and most importantly, you can STAY IN YOUR HOME.







Lenders are finally serious about granting loan modifications to a vast number of homeowners who need help to stay in their homes.  We offer a Loan Modification Service to help to prepare all the documents and negotiate with your lender in  conjunction with a highly experienced Law firm.  The quality of the service is top notch with an impressive 90% success rate.  The cost of this service is very competitive and it's refundable, minus some "hard cost"  service fees, if a modification is not granted.

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