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FHA loans are an excellent option if you do not have a big down payment. The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) helps borrowers that would otherwise be excluded from the housing market by allowing lower down payments and more liberal underwriting guidelines. Please see below for the benefits of an FHA loan.  Please feel free to contact us at 818-920-1600 if you have any questions or click here to apply for an FHA loan.. We handle FHA loans in the state of California.


lil diamondLow down payment (3.5%)

lil diamondSeller can pay all recurring costs up to 6% of the purchase price

lil diamondNo cash reserves required

lil diamond100% Gift is OK. Gifts from family members for the down payment, closing costs or both okay.

lil diamondLiberal debt to income ratios 35/45

lil diamondCredit doesn't have to be perfect

lil diamondBuyers don't have to be first time homebuyers

lil diamondNon-occupant co-signers are okay.  Qualify with all incomes put together.

lil diamondLoans now go up to $729,750.00 in many areas

lil diamondNew programs to help people who are stuck in negative amortized or sub-prime loans.

lil diamondStreamline refinances allow borrowers with current FHA loans to refinance without an appraisal and limited income documentation on no cash out  loans.

lil diamondCash out refinances up to 85% in certain areas. Full documentation loans only.

lil diamondMortgage insurance is usually less expensive than on a conventional loan.


lil diamondCondo & PUD's must be approved by FHA.  If the complex is not approved, a spot approval can be done.  To see if a Condo complex is approved by FHA, click here.

lil diamondBorrower can only have one FHA loan at a time.



lil diamondFHA provides affordable home loans for purchase or refinance


lil diamondOwner-occupied properties only - NO INVESTOR LOANS (except streamline rate reduction refinancing of an existing FHA loan, HUD Repo's, or 203K).


lil diamondSingle family, FHA approved Condo and PUD's, 2-4 units


lil diamond30 year fixed rate, 15 year fixed rate, adjustable and buydown programs available.


lil diamondNo limit on age of buyer or property

lil diamondNo income or sales price limits

lil diamondBorrowers must have a valid Social Security Number and picture I.D.

lil diamondBorrowers can have only one maximum ratio FHA loan at a time

lil diamondCo-borrowers on loans are permissible

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