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Lighthouse Home Loans is a California Mortgage Broker specializing in mortgage loans for properties in Casitas Springs, California.  We work with over 200 different mortgage lenders.  Since we specialize in many different types of  loans including California purchase loans, refinances, 2nd Trust Deeds, equity loans, sub prime loans and many more, we have many lenders to accommodate all of our clients needs.  With one phone call we can locate the best program, and interest rate for your particular needs.

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At Lighthouse Home Loans we give you the confidence your loan will close. Lighthouse Home Loans gives its clients the best of both worlds: you get the confidentiality and the privacy of a small, owner-operated office combined with the big institution programs. We offer our  Casitas Springs, California clients over 200 sources to place   your loan and we also offer the most competitive pricing on each program. We specialize in qualifying  purchase loans, refinance loans, VA loans, subprime loans, seconds, and equity lines of credit for properties in Mission Hills, California. Put your trust in Lighthouse Home Loans.



Lighthouse Home Loans will pre-approve you for your new home purchase loan or refinance loan in Casitas Springs, California.

First, we will pre-qualify you for a new California home loan over the telephone, then we will submit your loan for a written pre-approval. A pre-approval will assist you in obtaining the home of your dreams. Lighthouse Home Loans will give you a letter of approval. You may submit that approval letter with your offer. This will let the seller know that you already have a mortgage loan in place and the escrow will close with ease. We are here to inform and help you all the way through your home loan process. 

For your free pre-qualification, click here. You may also e-mail me at or call me at 818-920-1600.

For a quick rate quote, please complete the following form.  If you have a more detailed loan scenario, please click here and complete the form for a free pre-approval.  We will contact you within 24 hours.

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We want to hear from you.  No Obligation, No Hassles, Just Information!  If you are not quite ready to commit, but just want to discuss your loan situation, give us a call.  We won't hound you like other mortgage companies.  You tell us when you are ready to proceed. 

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We are the loan specialists for the Casitas Springs, California area!  Call us today at 818-920-1600 or complete the quick quote applications above and we will contact you within 24 hours.




California Real Estate Broker licensed by the California Department of Real Estate

License #01178482, DRE 916-227-0931

Documents needed to process your Real Estate loan in Casitas Springs, California may include a loan application, bank statements, Federal tax returns, paystubs, credit report, and an appraisal for your property in Casitas Springs, California.  Other documents may be required for your loan California depending on your personal situation.  To discuss your options for a loan in Casitas Springs, California, please call us at 818-920-1600.